Working for a Lifetime

Whether or not we are aware of it, most of us have a rough expectation of how long we’re going to live, and it effects our entire life outlook.

Whether or not we are aware of it, most of us have an expectation of how long we’re going to live, even if only a rough one tucked away in our subconscious.

How old do you think you’ll be when you die?

It's not an easy question to ask yourself, or necessarily a pleasant one, but it's a powerful one nonetheless.

When I asked myself that question my number was 80 years old, all being well.

On closer inspection, I realised I had no justification for this answer.

Maybe it’s because my Granddad lived into his eighties, and coming from a small family, he’s the only close relative that’s no longer in my life.

Now in my early thirties, there is no reason that this age shouldn’t be significantly surpassed.

Consider alone the developments that will take place in medical science and technology over the next decade.

Then project that forward another half-century.

The power of extending your time horizon

Forget the number you’ve been carrying around with you for no good reason.

Replace it with a new number.


Take stock of where you are in life now, and how much more time there is to come when this is your new number.

The opportunities are huge. Time is on our side.

At 32 I’m no longer approaching my half-way point, I’m barely over a quarter through.

At 60 years old we will just be coming into our prime.

Think of the impact our contributions through work and beyond could have in that time frame.

The generations of our family we could see grow.

The changes in the world we will experience and be part of.

Living now as we will then

Think about who you will be when you become a centenarian.

It gives us a whole new perspective on every aspect of our lives today.

For quality of life we must keep our mind and body fit and healthy.

Our idea of work may need to change. The following 55 years might be dull if we down-tools at 65.

Will our lifestyle and finances be sustainable over this long time-frame?

Are we building businesses and relationships that are strong enough to endure the decades?

Are we doing the things most important to us, right now?

If we’re not, it could be a long 120 years.

Let's live today as we intend on living then.