The Growth-Plateau Cycle

When a company-of-one hits a plateau in their growth, they have a unique opportunity to experience 'uncommon growth'.

Growing companies eventually plateau in one way or another.

Things need to change if they are going to find their next phase of growth.

For companies focused on revenue growth this could mean opening a new office, moving into new territories or extending their service offering.

Eventually the next phase of growth plateaus and the cycle starts over.

A different take

The same cycle exists for companies-of-one; the freelancer, the consultant, the solopreneur.

You will launch, grow and plateau.

Unlike what can occur in a typical organisation, the period where you plateau is not cause for concern.

It is an exciting crossroads presenting opportunity and potential.

As a free agent, you may not need to worry about:

  • Slowing revenue growth
  • The opinions of shareholders
  • Employee engagement or morale
  • Quarterly financial reports

Instead, you can view the plateau as a sort of ‘sweet spot’ that has been reached.

Uncommon growth

The plateau indicates you have reached a ceiling of what can be achieved without change.

This isn’t a negative.

Your current ceiling could be a very comfortable, rewarding and fulfilling place.

Why change things to grow for growths sake?

Alternatively, you could look at the myriad other ways to grow:

  • Reducing the hours required to deliver work
  • Replacing C-grade clients with A-grade clients
  • Improving the quality of services or products
  • Exploring new opportunities of personal interest
  • Building retained services instead of delivering projects

New sweet spots

Whichever direction you take, you will experience a new phase of growth.

And yes, eventually it will plateau.

You’ll be somewhere new. A new sweet spot.

Maybe not one with employees, offices, more clients and a larger workload.

But possibly one with more time, less risk and better relationships.

Plus more experience, deeper insight and a greater understanding of where you want to go next.