Agnostic Marketing

As marketing and technology increasingly intertwine, we should consider a definition of 'agnostic' for the world of marketing as well as computing.

In computing lexicon agnostic is defined as “denoting or relating to hardware or software that is compatible with many types of platform or operating system.”

The spheres of marketing and computing are increasingly intertwined.

It’s time to consider a definition of agnostic for the world of marketing too.

The ‘platforms’ and ‘operating systems’ can be swapped out for ‘channels’ and ‘media’.

Giving us “marketing that is compatible with many types of channel or media.”

When the channel and media aren’t our first thought, we make valuable space for the message and the audience.

How after who

The rate of development in marketing technology is rapid.

More channels, more formats, more targeting.

New distractions every day.

The risk of being derailed in pursuit of the next big thing is real.

That’s why we are demoting the ‘how’.

It’s still important, but it comes firmly after the ‘who’.

That's our audience.

Then we craft the message we’ll share with that audience.

And only then do we consider the method of delivery.

Houses on sinking sand

The power of agnostic marketing goes beyond helping us focus on what’s important.

When our marketing isn’t pinned solely on Google Ads, Instagram or Amazon we are creating something that will last.

Achieving business goals by becoming dependent on a single platform is building a house on sinking sand.

Search engines, social platforms and marketplaces are all likely to come and go.

Our foundation is the message that communicates value to your audience.

Let’s aim to build something that will endure the test of time.