Asset Allocation

Is your asset allocation aligned to your goals, or is someone else profiting from your limited resources?

If you aren’t invested in equities, bonds or property, that’s fine.

No financial advisor? No problem.

And if the ‘assets’ column on your balance sheet is looking lean, don’t fret.

There are more valuable assets demanding our attention today. And every day in fact.

Assets we all possess

Time, energy, willpower, enthusiasm, focus.

These are the assets we should be most concerned with.

At the start of every day they are made available to us in finite amounts.

It’s our responsibility to allocate them. If we allocate them well, the returns are huge.

Sounds obvious, right?

Well take a closer look. You might be surprised by the degree to which people are allocating these assets for us.

Let’s replace the word allocate with steal.

People are stealing our time, energy, willpower, enthusiasm and focus. It’s happening on our watch, right under our noses, and most of use aren't doing anything about it.

Attention is capital

Technology and social media are increasingly designed to tap into our subconscious.

They exploit basic human instincts to use our hard-wiring against us, creating addictions that we aren't even aware of.

Companies, brands and individuals compete for our attention because money is found where the attention resides.

The cost to the individual (the member of the audience, the consumer... us) is incalculable – but it’s big.

Re-balance or regret

It’s time to take stock of our own asset allocation.

When a wealth manager reviews a client’s portfolio and it’s not properly aligned with their goals, they re-balance.

What are your goals? Is your asset allocation aligned?

Or is someone else profiting from your valuable and limited resources.

Peak performance is achieved when we consciously manage, and vigorously guard, our time, energy, willpower, enthusiasm and focus.



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