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LeadPRO™ Lead Generation Platform

Grow your business with our lead generation platform. Discover which parts of your marketing generate the best enquiries at the best price.

Lead Generation

Turning clicks into calls

LeadPRO closes the loop on digital marketing. Reduce wasted advertising spend and start finding out which parts of your advertising are generating the best enquiries.

Our fully managed digital lead generation service is designed to get your business more phone calls and more email enquiries from the local area at the lowest possible price.

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Beverley Lead Generation

Local marketing, mastered

We take advantage of Google's powerful marketing technology to help you dominate the local Google search results for the services you offer.

Our proven approach to local marketing works just as well for new businesses as it does for established businesses, and can sit alongside any existing marketing you already have in place.

Client Case Study ~ Lead Generation

Your Carpet Cleaner used the LeadPRO platform to launch their new business from scratch in November 2017 and received their 1st enquiry within 13 minutes of the campaign going live.

Operating in a local area and requiring a constant flow of daily enquiries made LeadPRO an ideal fit for Your Carpet Cleaner. We combined website design with local SEO and PPC to help them dominate the local Google search results.

The LeadPRO platform also helps Your Carpet Cleaner spend their money wisely and keep their business profitable. Their campaign uses real-time data to ensure they are not spending more than £12 on each new customer enquiry.

In their 1st month in business the LeadPRO lead generation campaign generated 85 phone call and email enquiries and continues to deliver strong monthly results despite a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Lead Generation Services
Your Carpet Cleaner
Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire
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LeadPRO platform features

Your online access to LeadPRO lets you see all your phone call and email enquiries in one place and tells your which parts of your marketing generated them.

This information combined with other data points supplied by your business and our own sources are then used to refine your campaign to increase your enquiry levels and lower your cost-per-lead.

Lead Generation Software

Who is LeadPRO for?

LeadPRO is suitable for any small or medium sized business that wants more phone call or email enquiries from customers in a local geographic area.

It is ideally suited to service based industries that rely on a constant flow of new customer enquiries, but don't sell their products or services directly online via e-commerce.

How LeadPRO lead generation works

1. Viability report

With every new client we start by analysing the business, the industry sector and the local competition to ensure the conditions are right for LeadPRO to succeed.

2. Landing pages

Applying our unique insights and experience, we create branded landing pages that are specifically designed to convert visitors into phone call and form submission enquiries.

3. PPC campaign

Next we build a highly targeted PPC campaign to ensure you are being found by your primary audience when and where they are looking for you.

4. Local SEO

Our proven formula for ranking websites in local marketplaces will fast track your organic performance, generating free traffic from the Google search results.

5. Lead attribution

Using our unique LeadPRO platform every phone call and form submission will be logged and attributed to a specific keyword, advert and website page.

6. The magic!

Using multiple data points the LeadPRO platform will then calculate your Return On Investment and automatically refine your marketing campaign to improve your results.