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Choosing to work with an accredited Google Partner agency takes the hassle out of Google Ads. Waste less of your budget and attract more high quality customers.

Google awarded Ignite Marketing their Google Partner status in recognition of the results we have achieved for our clients and our teams level of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) expertise.

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Google AdWords

Features of our PPC service

Google may be the number 1 website on the internet, but it's not the only place to advertise. We also provide pay per click (PPC) on Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Our ad management tool helps you get the most from your advertising budget. Your PPC campaign will constantly be refined and optimised to provide the best results for the lowest ad spend possible.

Client Case Study ~ Google Ads

Mad About Horror are the UK and Europe's leading supplier of horror and halloween collectables. They chose Ignite Marketing as their Google Ads provider and tasked us with growing their e-commerce sales through PPC campaigns.

With an established website and a large product catalogue the client was in a great position to benefit from PPC. We maximised their exposure by creating a campaign that combined Shopping Ads, Search Ads and Display Ads.

Using re-marketing tools and integrating their Google Ads campaign with their e-commerce platform allowed us to deliver a highly targeted PPC campaign at an extremely low cost-per-click.

Tracking e-commerce performance throughout the campaign enabled us to give the client a clear understanding of their cost-per-acquisition (or sale) which they could then compare against their other marketing channels.

Google Ads PPC
Mad About Horror
Based in Beverley, East Yorkshire
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Google Ads in Beverley

As a Google Ads Partner agency based in Beverley we enjoy adding a personal touch to our digital services, working closely with businesses in the local area.

Our performance reports show you exactly where your money gets spent, how much of your budget is used, and the results achieved. This means we can clearly demonstrate your return on investment.

Google Ads Beverley
Google Partner

Certified PPC experts

'Google AdWords' becoming 'Google Ads' isn't the only change they've made. Google Ads is constantly evolving and our certified professionals always keep pace.

Competition for the top Google advert positions is high and it is essential to take advantage of all the features in Google Ads to make your campaign as efficient as possible to maximise your return.

Google Ads PPC buyers guide

1. Campaign audit

Your current or past PPC campaigns often contain a wealth of useful data, even if the campaigns failed to perform well. An audit can draw valuable insights from analysing this data.

2. Keyword research

A fantastic feature of Google Ads is the keyword research tool. It lets us investigate how many people are searching for your keywords before we start building a campaign.

3. Budgeting

PPC ads are capped to a maximum monthly spend, keeping costs under control. Consider how much new business you want to generate to then establish a suitable monthly ad budget.

4. Landing pages

After clicking a Google advert you are directed to a website page we call the 'landing page'. Plan ahead to make sure your landing pages are as interesting and informative as they can be.

5. Conversions

The action you want people to take after clicking your PPC adverts is called a conversion. Every campaign should have a conversion goal which could be a phone call or online sale etc.

6. Growth

The habits and trends of people searching online are forever changing. Spotting these changes and responding to them is an effective way to keep growing and improving your PPC.